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Etienne BaloghEtienne BALOGH

Chief Executive Officer

"The investments made by Balogh over the past 25 years have made it a recognized RFID expert, able to offer its wide experience to the companies that opt for its products and services."

Who would doubt that when you start your car today you are surrounded by a large amount of advanced technology that was developed and accumulated over the past 100 years?

Nobody does… and with good reason.
The most complicated and advanced technologies could not be widely used and accepted if they were not made accessible to the greatest number of people!
Who would take the risk of choosing a technology and committing the future of their company if it did not conform to the major international standards? Again…nobody would.
International standards are therefore crucial for further technology development to take place. They are grouped today under norms such as ISO 15693 or ISO 18000 and professional standards such as EPC (Electronic Product Code), GALIA, ODETTE.
Hence, Balogh and its partners wish to contribute their experience and expertise to the widespread use of RFID technology, and also to other identification technologies.
The RFID tag is a simple sensor which, thanks to its flexibility, provides intelligence to its supporting device.
The data dialogue between the RFID tag and its reading interface gives open-ended information to an automatic device.
The RFID tag provides a very useful service in a large number of everyday events:

RFID is part of a complex radio system. Balogh understands these complexities and it possesses the experience to offer the most appropriate technology possible.

Our result-oriented culture enables us to provide quality products and services and thus be able to assist our clients in their projects from the start through the entire process.