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Transceiver Cables

Genuine Balogh Transceiver cables are a required part of all of our systems to maintain warranty validity.


The cable connecting the Transceiver to the control interface may seem unimportant but we feel it is essential! The cable is just as important as the any of the other pieces of the RFID system as it carries the data from the Control Interface to the Tag and vice versa. Balogh RFID systems have the highest degree of data integrity. If we allow for any generic cable to connect our system we could comprise our data integrity. Compromise is not an option! Poor cabling could corrupt the data on the line, with this possibility in mind our engineers have developed a specification for our Transceiver cables which shields our data streams form harmful EMI.


We use polyurethane (PUR) jacketed, twin-shielded, twin-twisted pair cables.