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Control Interfaces




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Balogh Control Interface Modules For Manufacturing For Logistics For Access Control For Railways

One of the most important aspects of all BALOGH RFID systems is the ability to connect to existing or proposed controls architecture easily. Balogh's philosophy when designing these Control Interface Modules is that we need to make them as EASY to integrate and work with as possible. The KISS methodology is embraced at Balogh and we have found over the years that simple approaches to the design and set-up of our interfaces save time and therefore money.


We offer outstanding connectivity options whether you wish to connect to legacy parallel I/O devices or advanced Industrial Bus architectures please see our list below of dedicated interface options.


Industrial Bus Networks:

EtherNet/IP DeviveNet ControlNet
GE Genius InterBus
Mitsubishi Electronics    



Serial Networks

RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 26 Bit Wiegand, CEPR


Parallel I/O


Master/Slave CAN Network


Mono-Block Interfaces