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Access Control & Security

Balogh RFID System Builder

Whether you are new to RFID or a seasoned veteran; Balogh wants to help you configure the right RFID technology for your application. Being a specialist with RFID systems allows us a unique opportunity to offer you a Best-in-Class RFID technology that "fits" your application!


There has yet to be a single RFID technology that is suited for all application types. That is why Balogh offers 8 technologies! We know, based on decades of application and customer feedback the pitfalls of applying an RFID technology incorrectly. You can quickly understand why we feel the need to support multiple technologies when you think about how different the industries that we service are. Application environments are diverse and each of our customers has unique goals for their systems. Balogh is committed to providing the best possible system to meet those diverse environments and unique goals!


Selecting the right technology & the right products for your application is extremely important! Please be our guest in using this simple System Builder Tool to assist you in understanding the pieces that comprise a Balogh RFID system. After you understand what comprises a Balogh RFID system, we need to reflect on your potential application; the where's, why's and what's so that we are heading in the right direction with compatible products for your application.


Let's Get Started:


Please download this questionnaire. The questions on it will greatly assist you in determining the proper RFID products for your specific application. If you would like assistance in filling it out please contact us directly, we would be happy to assist.


First...Do you know the components that comprise an RFID system and what their basic functions are?


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Second...consider where your industry lies within the following areas:


Manufacturing Products for Manufacturing Applications Logistical Industries Products for Logistical Applicaitons Hyper X Products for Access Control and Security Applications Rail Industry Products for Rail Applications

Vehicle assembly

Large and small engine assembly

Large and small appliance



Vehicle assembly

Large and small engine assembly

Large and small appliance assembly


Entry & exit door verification

Time & attendance

Vehicle ID

Parking lot management

Toll collection



Depot management

Freight management



Next, consider what you wish to accomplish with your RFID system.